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Ewa Kłodnicka

I have finished study in "Bałtycki Instytut Psychologii Alternatywnej" and Physiotherapyzdjecie  course.

I can do those massages:

Classical Massage, Lymphatic, Hot Stones massge, aromatherapy, Shantala massage for children, Craniosacral Therapy and manual therapy for children and adults.

Rehabilitation excercises for children with faulty posture and with cerebral palsy. Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowl using Peter Hess method and tuning-forks massage using Barbara Romanowska way.

Oriental Tibetan massages, AYURWEDA, Shiatsu, Chinese massage, Chinese cup ping therapy (vaccum), craniosacral therapy, manual therapy, ear candling and ear coning.

Japanesse Reiki, biotherapy Feng Shui for companies and private, regressive breath sessions and coaching.

Participation in very warm women meetings, organising coaching meetings and WHO IS WHO in Poland (catalogue known people)